Student Services

Cicero offers essential data collection, critical compliance, and student success services—all centralized to improve quality, performance, and risk mitigation while decreasing costs.

Student Financial Aid Office Overflow

Cicero’s inbound and outbound FAFSA and 1098-T services prompt completion and next steps, answer frequently asked questions, reroute calls as appropriate, and help students utilize available resources to fund or offset their college costs. These efforts allow institutions to handle busy enrollment periods seamlessly, increase student completion, provide budget certainty, and decrease training and overhead costs, all while boosting tuition revenue and ultimately impacting student retention.

Admissions Ambassador

Bring more of your students into the classroom with personal interaction prior to the start of instruction!

To help institutions increase day-one starts, show rates, and initial enrollment, Cicero provides multiple person-to-person outbound and inbound touchpoints for pre-start student. Due to Cicero’s focus on efficiency and scale, these touchpoints are tailored specifically to reach the students promptly and with the right message.  Post-enrollment, we drive rapid returns by working shoulder-to-shoulder with admissions teams to help students attend that first day of instruction—and change their future.

Post-Enrollment Verification

After students have been enrolled, Cicero increases student commitment and understanding, mitigation of student misunderstandings, and higher start yield through post-enrollment verification.  These encouraging inbound or outbound calls with each student take place post-enrollment but pre-start, ensuring understanding of key enrollment points, such as loans versus grants, expected outcomes, and class requirements.  Post-enrollment verification immediately cures any misunderstandings and provides key data regarding admissions personnel, financial aid assistance, and the enrollment process—all resulting in better institutional performance, more-informed and committed students, and risk mitigation while increasing students’ attendance on day one of instruction.

Student Retention Efforts

Cicero’s retention service helps at-risk or challenged students by connecting them directly with appropriate support systems and resources, reducing drop out and attrition rates.  Our unique research helps identify vulnerable students, ensures early outreach to resolve concerns, and promotes retention by repeated connection with the institution, real-time problem solving, and sincere encouragement.  In a time of increased reliance on tuition revenue to fund operations and on student review of the College Scorecard, retention is ever more important.

Graduate Employment Verification

As students graduate and enter the workforce, Cicero verifies job placement and captures overall experience feedback to be leveraged for improvements in classroom instruction, marketing, reporting, and continuous school improvement purposes.  Cicero’s experienced team works hard to reach the student or employer to gather key information and documentation for the institution, accreditors, and for regulators.

Alumni Outreach

Cicero works with higher education institutions to stay in touch with your alumni. This includes encouraging unmatriculated students to return to your institution and continue their education, assisting former students with loan repayment guidance and encouragement, and developing and executing on a comprehensive donor solicitation strategy at scale, including inbound calls, scheduled donation calls, lapsed donor contact, and invitations to benefit from alumni-facing services (career resources, networking events, etc.).

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