Social Impact

We combine strategic perspective, and analytic capabilities with our passion for social impact to assist mission-driven organizations in the pursuit of their vision and goals—making a real and lasting difference in the world.

Impact Strategy

We help mission-driven organizations understand more deeply their beneficiaries’ needs and challenges, use that to clarify the impact they really want to achieve, and then design and refine programs and services to reach those goals.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We work with our clients to specify first how they want measurement to help them succeed. With that in mind, we explore the tradeoffs among different measurement approaches to find the right balance between rigor, feasibility, efficiency, and value. Finally, we help collect and analyze the right data in the right ways at the right time—to help clients know both what impact they are having and what can be improved.

Performance Management

Charting a course and measuring progress is hard enough. Building, maintaining, and increasing the organization’s capacity and performance is even harder. We are experts in developing processes, incentives, and capabilities to ensure every part of the organization is aligned with the ultimate mission.

Professional Development

At the end of the day, impact in the social sector depends heavily on the abilities of the people who do the work—from the board to the executive director to the front line. We use proven techniques in leadership development, experiential learning, and organizational behavior to help individuals and teams maximize their capacity for impact.

Marketing and Fundraising Analytics

Like it or not, nonprofit fundraising is competitive. Maintaining an edge with current and potential donors requires engaging them on an individual level. Insights gained from our cutting edge analytics capabilities allow our clients to do just that, effectively identifying, understanding, and connecting with different groups of donors in customized, compelling ways.

Collective Impact

There is an ever-growing recognition that addressing complex problems in society requires alignment among a variety of funders, policymakers, service providers, and market actors. And while the promise of collective impact is real, making it a reality is hard. We work with entire communities to gather a fact base, build alignment around outcomes, explore solutions, and develop a coordinated infrastructure to pull off the impossible—together.

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  • How can we help?

    To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.
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