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Customers are the focal point for every business. Cicero helps B2B and B2C companies of all sizes unleash the power of customer insights to better attract customers, and then maintain and grow the relationship.

Customer Segmentation

A company’s customer base can include a broad range of needs and behaviors, all with a unique set of motivations and influences. Cicero knows how to discover different needs and interests by harnessing the information gathered in quantitative studies, interviews, and focus groups, and using advanced analytics techniques to analyze the naturally segmented market. We help our clients understand their target market, evaluate which customers yield the highest value, and help companies understand what makes a loyal customer and what brings them back for more.


Sales and Channel Optimization

Cicero’s sales management and channel optimization services guide companies through the process of attracting and retaining customers through a tailored customer sales approach and targeted channel marketing. We analyze company resources and their growth capability in identifying meaningful sales targets and utilize market data to outline profitable models of sales coverage. Our strategists scrutinize sales operations and design in-depth strategies to increase revenue from existing customer bases and penetrate untapped and emerging markets.

We help clients plan and instigate marketing conversations with potential customers through social media marketing, targeted ads, influencer marketing, email marketing, and other channels. We leverage our experience in sales and channel optimization to provide insight and guidance to organizations by aligning resources and cutting costs, identifying optimal channel mix alongside revenue targets, leveraging talent and inspiring performance, and ultimately maximizing profitability.


Customer Lifecycle and Loyalty Management

Cicero uses comprehensive analysis to build relationships and solve complex issues throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition can be different for every company but is always built on the principle of reaching the right audience for your brand. Cicero uses data analytics to reach these customers through acquisition strategies that include profiling, onboarding, product introduction, and conversion.

Customer Engagement

Cicero helps clients design a customer-centric experience by creating and managing strategic communication channels where customers can interact with brands.

Customer Retention

We help companies build larger, more sustainable customer bases by creating trust and loyalty around brands. These strategies include loyalty program participation, messaging alignment, and reducing customer dissatisfaction.


Brand Strategy and Messaging Alignment

A brand is one of the most important assets a company owns. We focus on positioning our clients’ brands to perfectly fit evolving markets. We leverage our market research to help companies craft a strategy that takes full advantage of innovation and change.

Our focus on brand management shifts customer demand in favor of our clients and strengthens competitive positions through a blended strategy of marketing, resource allocation, and brand alignment to increase sales and profits. In a marketplace flooded with information, differentiating products and services has become increasingly difficult. Cicero helps companies stand out by aligning brand messaging with brand and consumer values.


Product Strategy

Taking a product to market requires a clear strategy; companies have invested time and resources, but without clear strategy and meticulous execution, many products never thrive. Cicero conducts in-depth customer, market, competitive, and industry research to optimize project management processes to help companies succeed.

New Product Development

Cicero helps companies develop fine-tuned products for target markets by conducting market analysis and analyzing consumer demand for new products.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Once a company has created and refined a product, Cicero guides the designing and management of a complete go-to-market strategy, including sales forecasting, pricing, and marketing.

Product Mix

Cicero leverages data analytics to understand markets and design product mix strategies to help companies optimize product, place, promotion, and price.


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Price Optimization

Even with the wealth of big data available in the world, setting a price for a product or service can be both daunting and high-stakes. When helping a client launch a new product or make revisions with an existing product, we implement price optimization strategies to predict the revenue and profit outcomes of possible price choices. Cicero uses a collection of tools and processes to model the price sensitivity and elasticity of different groups to visualize how demand varies at these different price points. By understanding how target audiences react to price changes, we work to customize pricing strategies to maximize profits.


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Market Analysis

When considering entry to a new market, companies often struggle to understand the attractiveness of the market and the influence of the market forces in play. Cicero gathers and analyzes primary and secondary data to understand a market by volume, value, and major forces. We use several analytic processes, including conducting competitor analysis, studying pricing decisions, and evaluating the economic environment to build a comprehensive strategy to help a company navigate dynamic market forces.


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