Risk Management

Cicero offers risk management services, backed by data analytics, to help our clients objectively assess risk-reward. Our analyses give the full view of what is at stake and help drive consensus on strategy.

Risk Identification and Analysis

A company must be aware at all times of the possible risks in the current market; especially those that operate in a highly regulated industry or those that don’t have formal risk management efforts. We offer our services to provide identification of potential risks as well as the probability impact of certain risks. Our identification and analysis gives our clients the proper view of what is out there and what is at stake.

Risk Strategy

Companies must ensure that the right practices and plans are implemented to strategically mitigate risk, however, those plans are not always easily conceived. Cicero group helps companies develop strategic risk management plans across all industries and all geographies. We support our clients by providing accurate risk-return information for major decisions. We ensure that after the decisions are made, a proper monitoring system is in place to track any other potential risks.

Risk Ownership and Governance

We help companies decide how much risk they should take on as well as ensuring the culture across the organizations is aware of what risks should and should not be taken. We ensure that mind-sets and behaviors of all employees are aligned with company standards. We help companies take an overall ownership of risk-reward strategy by providing appropriate benchmarks.

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