Market Research

Unique primary data empowers a company to craft truly differentiated strategies. Cicero’s deep expertise in myriad qualitative and quantitative research methodologies gives our B2B and B2C clients an edge in connecting with customers.

Marketing and Brand Strategy

Brands are one of the most important assets a company owns. We focus on positioning our clients’ brands to perfectly fit ever-evolving markets. We leverage our market research to help companies craft a strategy that takes full advantage of innovation and change. Our brand strategy team lends its guidance to help build a successful brand for all of our clients.

Customer Segmentation

Customers come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes with different motivations and influences. A company’s client base can see a broad range of needs and behaviors. Cicero knows how to find these different needs through quantitative studies- telephone and live intercept surveys- in-depth interviews, focus groups and other means. We help our clients understand their target market and which customers yield the highest value. We help companies understand what makes a loyal customer and what brings them back for more.

Customer Experience

The customer experience is key to building a brand and a company. We use a variety of analyses to view customer touch points and how they, the customers, interact with our clients. Based on the data we receive and the observations we make, we develop patterns and strategies to improve customer interaction and brand development.


Understanding consumer decision-making is the crux of many go-to-market strategies. In this arena the stakes are high and consumer information is limited. One of the ways we help our clients navigate the difficultly and ambiguity of a go-to-market strategy is through conjoint analysis. Conjoint analysis is a sophisticated research technique used to model decision-making and identify unique consumer preferences. Our approach to conjoint blends statistical expertise with strategy consulting to address a range of complex business challenges, such as attribute prioritization, product bundling, price optimization, market share growth, cannibalization, and more.

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