BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

We help companies focus on their core competencies by facilitating outsourcing of specific business processes. We offer mobile, SMS, web chat, social media contact forms, and voice and web call channels.

Data Entry

Data entry can be a difficult task for many companies to engage in depending on sheer size and necessary attention to detail. Cicero is available to lift the burden of data entry through our outsourcing services. We work across a variety of industries and our systems go beyond just meeting PCI, CMS, and HIPAA requirements. You can rest assured patient protected data, and Payment Card Data, is under the most stringent protection. Our specialties include order processing, medical and insurance claims, medical billing, and data conversions.

Social Media Moderation

In today’s marketplace, online content created by your customers has a significant impact on buying decisions, retention, loyalty, and brand awareness. Moderating and managing your social media, based on your pre-set criteria, can protect your company image and brand. We also manage and moderate complaint boards that have a direct impact on your business, offering immediate customer service via our contact center.

Virtual Assistant

BPO Contact Center is just blocks away from U. of U., in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Our BPO Specialists handle Omni-Channel customer interactions as well as administrative tasks, CRM management, email and voicemail screening, travel arrangements, document editing, updating website content, web research, bookkeeping entries, and appointment management.

Omni Channel Contact Center

Our Omni-Channel communication integration provides efficiencies in customer engagements and client reporting. Agents receive customer communication from virtually any contact application, as well as review all previous customer interactions on a single user interface, creating efficiencies in customer engagement from sales support to retention, and every step in between. We offer our services in: voice channels, email, text SMS, social messengers, rich web chat, and in-mobile app support.

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  • How can we help?

    To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.
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