Data & Analytics

Ongoing innovation is making possible previously undreamt of opportunities to harvest information. Cicero helps organizations leverage Big Data to revolutionize their understanding of their customers, market, and internal operations.

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging data to anticipate customer needs and actions can amount to substantial changes in the bottom line. Cicero helps clients better target and retain customers, while also helping clients understand where opportunities exist to recommend additional products and services. In addition, we use predictive models to help companies allocate resources in the most profitable and efficient ways possible. Cicero knows how to blend predictive analytics and data science with sound business expertise, resulting in actionable insights and implementable models.

Solutions Development and Implementation

Building sophisticated models and uncovering latent insights from data is only the first step towards driving meaningful improvement in business performance with analytics. Implementing models and applications into everyday workflow is the next step. Cicero can work within existing client platforms and workflows to ensure analytical findings are acted upon, or we can develop custom-made solutions to fit our clients’ exact needs. Either way, our solutions are developed with overall operational performance in mind so that our clients can quickly and efficiently use analytics to compete at the highest levels.

Data Systems Architecture Strategy

Siloed, irregular, and insecure data can hamper a firm’s analytical and operational abilities. Systems across the entire corporate infrastructure need to be mapped and linked to form a holistic systems architecture framework, and, from an operational standpoint, users and departments need access to the necessary data to perform at their highest levels. Cicero can identify system gaps, evaluate technical frameworks, and identify key product technologies while keeping our clients’ strategic objectives top of mind.

Partner and Vendor Strategy

Assessing and identifying potential partners and vendors can be a significant resource drain, and a mistake in this area can set a firm back years and result in missed opportunities. Moreover, finding the right software vendor as opposed to just a software vendor can be the difference between hitting or missing operational and financial objectives.
Cicero has worked with hundreds of vendors and can identify each’s strengths and weaknesses, while also doing a thorough evaluation to see how vendors fit into a client’s workflow.

Measurement and Optimization

Companies manage what they measure. Therefore, determining how to measure and visualize critical KPIs is key to sustained, high-level business performance and optimization. Cicero’s expertise lies in developing and structuring data, identifying and programming reporting tools, and creating action plans based on report evaluations. We also understand that measuring the impact of new initiatives in a smart, statistically sound manner can either prevent a firm from wasting millions of dollars on unimpactful strategies, or it can help them prioritize strategies that make immediate, real improvement in firm performance. We help our clients identify what matters, measure what matters, and act on what matters most.

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