Note: Over the next months I’ll be posting interviews with a number of key members of the Cicero team here and on my LinkedIn account. Stay tuned!

What brought you to Cicero Group?

aaeaaqaaaaaaaavvaaaajdmzmzg5zgi4ltc2mzqtnge5ms05mjvhlwvjmzi0nzrkowm4oqI saw Cicero as an opportunity to make an impact. Because Cicero is a premier consulting firm, I get to work on important projects that really matter to our clients. Because Cicero is fast growing there is a lot of opportunity to make a difference within the firm as it grows.

What kind of projects are you working on right now?

I just finished a project for a major multi-campus for-profit University that needed to increase the percentage of inquiring prospects who choose to enroll. We analyzed the entire inquiry-to-enrollment process, from initial outreach to registering for classes. This included extensive qualitative and quantitative studies of both applicants and students. We identified changes to the process that would have the greatest impact, and estimated the size of that impact through MaxDiff analysis, regression, and predictive analytics. Our proposed changes are projected to increase enrollments by as much as 11%.

Another project I worked on was for a large technology company needing to understand the satisfaction and adoption rates of key technologies and how these would inform their sales, marketing, and product development efforts going forward. We conducted a large targeted quantitative study across nine countries. We identified the components of satisfaction and how they vary by industry and region, and went further by performing analysis to uncover the specific drivers of satisfaction. Additionally, we calculated the pace of technology adoption across different geographies. These were very cool projects to be involved with!

What are you reading?

I do almost all of my reading online now, and I’m always keeping up with what’s current in our industry, business, and the world. This can include the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Business Week, and Inc. I used to work for CBS Moneywatch (which has new been folded into CBS News), so I keep tabs with what they are publishing as well.

Now, what are you reading for fun?

Almost all of my fun reading is now online as well. I’ve been pretty into reading technology and gadget websites lately, including the Verge, CNET, and the Wirecutter.

What is the best part about working at Cicero?

Working with smart, bright, driven people.

If you could help all your clients understand one principle or strategy, what would it be?

I often see a disconnect between the strategies at the top of an organization and what the rest of the organization is actually doing. It is critical that the whole firm knows where they are going and is working towards the same goals.

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