Note: Over the next months I’ll be posting interviews with a number of key members of the Cicero team here and on my LinkedIn account. Stay tuned!


Describe yourself in 5 words or less

Type A with yellow streak.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I’m currently studying for the GMAT. I also love to read or run/get outside.

What did you do pre-Cicero, and what brought you to the firm?

I graduated from Brigham Young University, traveled/did some volunteer work, then came straight to Cicero. Prior to interviewing with Cicero, I saw and heard only great things about the company from friends, peers, and things online. I was first drawn to it because of the firm’s focus on data analytics. Then, the attraction grew as I learned about Cicero’s culture and approach to consulting.

What are some interesting things you’ve been working on lately?

I’ve been dying to work on a project that involves segmentation, and I’m finally seeing that. I think it’s fascinating—and smart—when you can segment customers to better understand them and cater to their respective needs. Also, I didn’t expect to love and get geeky over qualitative studies just as much as quantitative ones. I expected most things to be all numbers.

What else makes Cicero a great place to work?

  1. Every day and every project is different. You get experience in market research and business strategy. Some days, you’ll be working on PowerPoint and Excel a ton; other days you’ll be coding or analyzing data in other software. I love the variation.
  2. The culture. Cicero fosters an environment of constant growth and learning; on top of that, everyone is such a pleasure to work with. My co-workers are extremely smart and hardworking. I love feeling challenged.

For fun, any book/movie/music recommendations?

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Music: I’ve recently been listening to a lot of The National Parks and Grizfolk. Books: if you’re into non-fiction, I just finished Man’s Search for Meaning (Viktor Frankl) and am in the middle of Nothing To Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea (Barbara Demick). Both are amazing. If you’re into historical fiction, anything by Khaled Hosseini will be the best book you’ve ever read.

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