Note: Over the next months I’ll be posting interviews with a number of key members of the Cicero team here and on my LinkedIn account. Stay tuned!

What brought you to Cicero Group?

I am a person who is not satisfied with the status quo. Based on my desire to solve problems and work to change things for the better, I know the consulting industry is my fit. Fresh out of college with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master’s degree in Finance, Cicero stood out as my ideal choice as it allows me to leverage my analytical skills and familiarity with data, apply my problem-solving mindset, and help businesses with evidence-based data-driven strategies.

What kind of projects are you working on right now?

I recently wrapped up a project about the European medical devices industry. By applying tailor-designed research methodologies and utilizing our global resources, we were able to help the client dive deep into the entire European product market, map the competitive landscape, and carve out market opportunities for potential future growth. I was initially surprised by the scope of projects like this, but I now take great pride in working toward such a level of research and strategic offerings.

What are you reading?

Asking the Right Question: A Guide to Critical Thinking, written by Neil Browne.

Now, what are you reading for fun?

I always read psychological books for fun. Recently I finished The Time Paradox. The book illustrates how our attitude towards time will reshape the angle and trajectory of life. It offers a very unique perspective of how to interpret past, present, and future.

What is the best part about working at Cicero?

The best ideas can come from brainstorming among brilliant minds. I really appreciate the enlightenment I can always get after talks with my colleagues who view things from another angle and offer valuable insights. Another great aspect of working at Cicero is that no two days are the same: I can count on learning new things every single day. I find myself fully motivated by opportunities as well as new challenges, knowing I’m always supported by sufficient resources and some of the smartest colleagues.

If you could help all your clients understand one principle or strategy, what would it be?

As more people come to realize the importance of data in business decision-making, datasets are often spoiled or misused. It is increasingly important to act carefully and effectively when leveraging data to benefit strategic development and growth.

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