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Trend Scouting: Driving Innovation Through Understanding Unforeseen Needs

Posted:March 8, 2018 Author: Chad Berbert
Developing a scouting mechanism to monitor, evaluate, and capitalize on market trends and developments is a crucial tool for organizations…
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A Deeper Look at Proprietary Marketing Expenditures

June 1, 2010| Randy Shumway
Some commentators condemn the for-profit education industry for spending more on marketing than public and private not-for-profit (traditional) schools. Ultimately,…

Utah Schools Must Produce more Job – and College – Ready Graduates

February 1, 2010| Randy Shumway
The recent financial crisis has made policy wonks argue about short- and long-term solutions to the challenges we face. Investing…

Parent Engagement in Student Success

December 13, 2009| Cicero Institute
School leaders who want to improve student performance can tap into a combination of these elements. In this paper—the fifth…

Market Research, Gut Feelings, and Recessions

October 1, 2009| Randy Shumway
During a recession, there are seemingly strong arguments for why market research should be first on the chopping block. Recessions…

Who is Your Customer, and What Do They Want?

September 1, 2009| Lawrence Cowan
In the late 1990s Levi-Strauss failed to anticipate new consumer tastes in jeans, and subsequently lost $6 billion in market…
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