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Trend Scouting: Driving Innovation Through Understanding Unforeseen Needs

Posted:March 8, 2018 Author: Chad Berbert
Developing a scouting mechanism to monitor, evaluate, and capitalize on market trends and developments is a crucial tool for organizations…
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Benefits from culture of continuous improvement

January 4, 2011| Randy Shumway
Much like Sloan's practices assist the Jazz to prepare for specific opponents, more systematically utilizing a variety of classroom data…

Expanding Effective Classroom Instruction to Improve Student Learning

December 21, 2010| Randy Shumway
The energy of the debate, a testament to the passion stakeholders have for our children and their education, can be…

Focusing on Teacher Preparation and Development

December 7, 2010| Randy Shumway
Without a focus on teacher preparation and development within the dialogue on improving public education and student outcomes, we fail…

Attract and Retain High-Quality Teachers

November 24, 2010| Randy Shumway
Improving the quality of teaching in Utah's classrooms will require more than attracting new people to the profession; we also…

Streamline Educational Oversight, Set Milestones

November 10, 2010| Randy Shumway
Restructuring the oversight of K-20 education and setting and tracking measurable milestones are two steps in supporting a strategic plan…

Educational Strategy: Focus on Desired Outcomes

October 26, 2010| Randy Shumway
Through the coming months this column will address specific ideas for a strategic plan supported by clearly identified milestones to…

Effective Classroom Instruction Produces Better Student Outcomes

October 3, 2010| Randy Shumway
While merit pay has many positive attributes and may prove helpful in reaching that ultimate goal, in and of itself,…

Customer Satisfaction and Business Performance

October 1, 2010| Randy Shumway
Business owners and managers often have a love-hate relationship with customer satisfaction — they know they should care about it,…

Expanding Effective Classroom Instruction to Improve Student Learning

September 1, 2010| Trent Kaufman
Merit pay and teacher evaluations, increasingly at the center of the state and national dialogue on school reform, have surfaced…
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