Public Sector

Public entities are constantly seeking ways to improve the well-being of their citizens. Cicero works with government and community leaders to tackle the most pressing issues and formulate solutions tailored to the needs of all stakeholders.

Economic Development

We help create sustainable economic development plans for public sector organizations.  After all, stable economies help alleviate many societal ills.  We help governing bodies craft plans and policies to improve economic well-being by analyzing big data to determine trends and develop sustainable, long-term solutions.

Public sector leaders face a range of needs from developing human capital to decreasing inequality. Cicero promotes efficiency and ensures the correct goals are set and the right actions implemented. We also utilize our deep understanding to identify areas that are in need of attention and those that will produce the greatest outcomes from a measurable perspective.

Organizational Design

Governing agencies are complex by nature, but we work to make them as efficient as possible. Public sector leaders must create efficient organizations to meet the needs of their constituents. Our approach focuses on helping organizations use data, measurement, and impact to drive effective change.  We understand the complexities of measuring societal or non-monetary impacts, and we help our clients develop strategies to demonstrate success.

We work to engage key stakeholders, the key to organizational improvements, and incent them to create their own efficiencies; effectively generating grassroots buy-in. We work with agencies to ensure their human capital is used to its fullest potential, and we leverage change-management tools to incorporate top-tier solutions that set the stage for effective implementation.

Data Dashboarding

Leaders are continuously looking for ways to improve and add value. Agencies and organizations must create efficiencies and be transparent to stay relevant and maintain constituent support. Much of the improvement and growth comes from updating Information Technology. New technologies provide opportunities for innovation and change. All it takes is for leaders to fully embrace the technological change. Cicero Group uses IT to help agencies, organizations, and municipalities develop data-gathering mechanisms to inform decision-making.

We help our clients prepare a plan for their future. Our plans are strategic, but they also focus on the practical implementation required to generate success. We create an overview of what agencies are missing and where improvements can be made that lead to consolidation, more effective data applications, and streamlined processes. Effectively implemented new dashboard technologies allows organizations to interact more effectively and appropriately with their citizens.

Financial Services

Any civilian government agency knows that it must create a financially healthy organization. Cicero Group analyzes financial flows to discover trends and uncover hidden efficiency opportunities that allow organizations to leverage resources more effectively.  We use data to inform decision making and to mitigate risks. Our predictive analytics allows the organizations we work with to develop solutions to deal with problems before they become too big to handle.

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