Manufacturers must adapt to advancing technology and ongoing globalization while striving to deliver high quality products at the lowest cost possible. We partner with clients to create practical solutions to help manufacturers stay ahead of the curve.

Process Optimization

Cicero Group has in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry. Our knowledge, combined with our analytical capabilities, give us insight into how to optimize the processes of our clients, from order to deliver. We offer our services to redesign or improve lead times, quality and inefficiencies.

We specialize in creating lean strategies. We formulate and craft plans to simplify processes, reduce costs and identify inefficiencies. We make sure our recommendations are goal-oriented and practical. We fully diagnose the operations of our clients and use benchmarking processes to see the full potential. We then identify which areas require the most focus and return the most value. We customize plans that reduce response times and increase productivity.

Digital/Analytical Transformation

Big data is affecting industries all across the globe and manufacturing is definitely a part of those. Fortunately, manufacturers have the opportunity to capitalize on the influx of information that is currently being produced. Cicero Group retains the capabilities of gathering and analyzing vast amounts of data to produce direction for strategy and process improvement. When being efficient is essential to survival, every possible data point must be combed through to get every insight possible.

As more and more “smart” machines are being created, manufacturers have the opportunity to take advantage of these systems that connect machine to machine. We produce strategies to help companies incorporate these new technologies into their processes for smooth transitions.

Industry Strategy

Cicero Group’s extensive experience within the manufacturing industry and others give new perspectives for our clients. We utilize our background in market research to understand competitors and trends to give appropriate recommendations on strategy to improve top-line growth. We look into M&A strategies when needed to find the best fit that creates the most synergy. We also employ our research capabilities to assess and mitigate risk where possible.

Logistics and Distribution

Cicero Group leverages its skills in logistics and distribution to help companies with their fulfillment needs. We assist our clients within the supply chain with cross-channel order demand. We analyze operating models to ensure effective distribution across a global economy. We also combine data to provide accurate insights to create the most streamlined processes possible.

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