Healthcare is ever-changing due to new regulations, technological developments, and consumers’ constant demand for better care at less cost. Cicero’s healthcare solutions draw on experience with insurers, provider networks, device manufacturers, and government entities.

Healthcare Practice

Cicero Group has a deep understanding of the obstacles facing healthcare companies in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Our knowledge of current and future regulations, patient satisfaction experience, and the healthcare marketplace has led us to create Cicero Health, a practice area of dedicated experts to the healthcare space. This dedicated practice area allows us to focus resources, talent, and experienced leadership to the healthcare space to meet our clients’ needs.

Big Data Analytics

We believe that big data analytics will continue to revolutionize the healthcare industry. We leverage big data to wholly understand the issues healthcare organizations face and offer real, practical solutions. The data we collect gives organizations innovative insights that would otherwise go unnoticed. The companies we partner with gain a deeper understanding of their problems and their solutions. We provide the structure and capacity to extract those insights in a meaningful way.

Appropriately analyzed big data leads to more informed decisions on strategic growth, more efficient operations management (which in turn leads to more costs saving) and better and more personalized patient care. We use secondary, quantitative and qualitative data to guide decisions to provide optimal outcomes. We prefer to help organizations compile the right solutions using data-driven analytics rather than blindly guessing at the answers or using invalidated data to claim erroneous answers.

Strategic Growth

Helping healthcare organizations grow is a fundamental skill for the Cicero Group. We craft go-to-market strategies that allow our clients to navigate and take advantage of the shifting healthcare environment. We use sophisticated analyses to identify price/feature trade-off opportunities. These analyses help develop offerings that appeal to patients, physicians, practices, administrators and all consumers.

The range of market research analytics are also well within our wheelhouse that enhance the services we provide healthcare organizations. Part of our capabilities include the difficult task of gaining insights from doctors, nurses, administrators and patients. We also draw on our traditional market research experience to determine optimal messaging and positioning. Our experience allows us to determine the impact of new marketing campaigns with predictive modeling. After conducting a competitive analysis of the current landscape we identify areas with the greatest growth potential and strategies to exploit core competencies and market opportunities.

Our depth of experience and knowledge with new and shifting regulations guide our recommendations on strategy that produce lasting and sustained growth. The Cicero Group recognizes the changes within the healthcare industry, especially the shift toward greater value. We provide expertise in measuring health outcomes that increase the value the patient receives as well as creating new payer-provider models.

Operational Efficiency

In order for a healthcare organization to succeed in today’s evolving environment the proficiency of the organization must be at a peak level of performance. The processes must also be streamlined to ensure that the waste is cut to a minimum. When we partner with an organization we analyze the complete system and processes to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. We work with companies to keep costs low, which is imperative to keep an organization financially healthy. Cost-structure analysis, process optimization, and revenue-cycle management are a few of the services that we provide to help an organization reach the highest level of efficiency.

As we collaborate with our partners, we help them create business models that are solution based. Our recommendations lead to long-lasting changes instead of short-term, “flash in the pan” solutions. Our goals lead to sustainable growth and a bright future, all while keeping cost in mind.

Patient Outcome Optimization

We understand that creating lasting value in healthcare is ultimately driven by improving patient outcomes. We help organizations do this by enhancing their understanding of patient needs and the mechanisms to provide solutions. We help our clients identify products and services to add to their portfolios that create value in outcomes. We understand that a good idea is not worth much without the proper implementation. To truly help an organization succeed we offer solutions to achieve a successful rollout that is seamless for the consumer and our client.

We take advantage of our data-driven analytics to provide answers to the questions healthcare companies face. Via CAHPS surveys and other data-gathering methodologies we are able to develop the insights necessary to understand the needs of consumers. Our solutions are not “one-size-fits-all”. They are uniquely positioned to help our clients. We work with our clients’ leadership to identify key metrics and provide dynamic solutions.

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