Consumer Services

Innovations in technology have created new channels for consumers to interact with service providers. Cicero’s sophisticated analytics help consumer services companies use resources more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction, and connect with new customers.

Process Improvement

When a company’s product is its service, each action in the organizational process and individual involved has an opportunity to make or break the end service product. Cicero Group analyzes efficiency and performance from multiple angles to strategically improve processes to be more cost-effective for the company and more impactful for the consumer. Our methods include measuring employee engagement levels and incentive drivers, enacting leadership initiatives that improve employee retention and commitment, and collecting data on process steps to determine efficiency and areas of opportunity. Cicero Group leverages this data to construct an optimal organizational process that eliminates inefficiencies and amplifies employee and company strengths to improve the service product.

Service Delivery Optimization

A company that knows its customers’ expectations can use each transaction and engagement point to reinvest the consumer in the value of service offerings. Cicero Group helps consumer services companies develop methods to meaningfully engage customers by exceeding expectations in each interaction. This is accomplished by analyzing data collected in quantitative studies to determine customer service levels, using choice-based conjoint methodology that reveal drivers of consideration, and conducting qualitative interviews that discern the subtle, yet important details customers value most.

Innovative Service Techniques

One of the most important traits shared by industry leaders is thinking outside the box to offer innovative service techniques. Cicero Group applies its experience in predictive analysis, customer segmentation, and consumer behavior analysis to the technologies and applications that best fit a company and its customers. A data-driven approach to services can cut costs, strengthen brand loyalty, and increase revenues, whether the end result is a service portal that delivers a convenient customer experience with personalized, dynamic content or an employee-facing training program that innovates upselling and based on predictive analytics.

Strategic Growth

The constant demands and pressures of service-oriented business models can distract leaders from creating growth strategies that allow a company to gain customers, enter new markets, develop new offerings, and increase profits. Each executive or leadership team has a unique vision and Cicero Group brings expertise in developing strategic growth plans that allow that vision to be realized. This can be accomplished with an array of tools, including financial models, data-informed goals, market entry analysis, brand strategy, big data analytics, and portfolio strategy.

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