Consumer Products

Cicero works with CPG companies to drive innovative yet pragmatic solutions. We understand that growth is always at the forefront of leaders’ minds, so we make our clients’ growth our top priority as well.

Strategic Growth Models

Cicero Group prides itself on creating innovative ways to help companies grow and expand market share. We use sophisticated analyses to help consumer industry companies understand market deficiencies. We also use our experience in international markets to help carry out development and delivery of products.

Due to our experience in the industry and our analytical capabilities, we are able to understand and predict trends. We help clients understand the complex consumer and the overall landscape of the industry. We alleviate the pressure our clients feel through channel management on the supply and the sales side.

Supply Chain and Operations Optimization

We offer our services on all aspects of operations in the consumer good industry. We analyze data and our clients’ processes to recommend improvements to ensure optimization. Our experience allows us to help improve lean operations, design, supply chain management and manufacturing strategy to name a few. We take a deep-dive into our clients’ efforts and flesh out the best ideas that return the greatest benefits.

We understand that companies are continually searching to add value to their products while driving costs down. Creating processes and a culture that eliminates waste is essential to that goal. Our analytical tools capitalize on the huge amounts of data that are being produced every day to eliminate inefficiencies and create newly efficient processes.

Product Development

Products are constantly evolving to fit the needs of consumers. There is a great amount of research, development and concept testing that form each individual product. Cicero Group provides services to help each process run smoother. Whether it is gathering and analyzing data on market preferences, A/B testing, or packaging development we provide solutions necessary to get our clients’ product to market.

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  • How can we help?

    To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.
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