Global growth and increased competition are forcing chemical industry players to maneuver in unexpected ways. Cicero utilizes a vast and deep array of analytical and strategic capabilities to ensure the success of our clients.

Areas of Growth

Digital/Analytical Optimization

The world is becoming increasingly digitized at an almost exponential rate. The chemicals industry has experienced its positive effects and growth. Most CEOs recognize the benefits of data analytics for innovation, decision making and creating operational efficiency. Chemical companies that want to excel and succeed need to embrace the digital world. Cicero Group leverages its analytical capabilities to help chemical companies transform data to tell a story of how to optimize and exploit the possibilities of new technology.
With Cicero Groups’ help, companies can implement new and successful technology to improve operational efficiency, risk-taking decisions, supply chain management and cyber security. We offer ourselves to determine what technologies could help a company improve and then we follow through with implementation.


Competition in the industry is fierce from global and local companies. We capitalize on our extensive background in market research to provide reliable data and innovations to create a larger market share for our clients. Companies must retrain their focus on providing value for their customers and differentiating themselves from the competition. We help companies understand the needs of the market through analytics. With a clear vision of the future companies are able to move forward knowing they have based their decisions on reliable information.

We also offer M&A strategies in our portfolio. Many chemical companies are looking to take advantage of a market through acquisitions or partnerships with customers and suppliers. Cicero Group bolsters these decisions with crisp insight and data to ensure companies are making correct decisions.


New ideas drive the future. Over-regulation and volatile energy markets affect the chemical industry and at times require companies to innovate to survive. Innovation is necessary for long-term growth within the industry. Cicero Group teams up with our clients to bring about the best innovations in products, services, operations and other areas to gain the greatest advantage. Not only do we analyze our clients’ core competencies to bring about innovation but we also help create the innovations that produce the best ROI.

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