The automotive industry is subject to major technological and regulatory upheaval. Within this high stakes and high competition industry, companies must adapt to changing consumer preferences and operate at peak performance to survive and thrive.

Organization Optimization

For an automotive firm to succeed every part of the organization must maximize efficiency. Companies in the automotive industry face challenges from new vehicle functions, requirements for safety and fuel efficiency and more legal requirements. Processes such as sales flows, quality assurance, sourcing and product flows must be streamlined to keep the costs low and relieve some of the pressure. We pay strict attention in creating sustainable restructuring concepts that analyze the competition and the automotive industry’s success factors. To identify weak points in an organization, Cicero Group uses quantitative and qualitative analytics to pinpoint areas of greatest opportunity. After these points are identified we use inductive thinking and an analytical approach to offer high-impact insights and solutions.

Our array of analytical capabilities provides clients with top-tier service in areas such as cost-structure analysis, process optimization, and revenue-cycle management. Our recommendations lead to long-lasting and sustainable changes.

Technological Strategy

The electrification and digitization of today’s vehicles has brought exciting new changes, but those changes bring both opportunity and uncertainty. We create strategies that allow our clients to take advantage of the shifting automotive environment. Using sophisticated analyses we identify price/feature trade-off opportunities, customer segments, key points of attrition, and any other data points needed to make business critical decisions and design appealing products to put you ahead in this changing marketplace.

We understand that consumers demand more and more value per dollar and that it is increasingly difficult to identify which features are most valued. We align with your goals and help focus your strategy to ensure that every project maximizes end-user value. By analyzing the data, not just relying on heuristic judgements, we deliver the whole picture and create forward looking recommendations to guide your future. Our cross-industry experience allows us to effectively provide guidance to our clients.

Strategic Growth

Our background in data analytics and market research combine to lead companies towards optimum growth. We identify new and emerging markets by analyzing the current market and the competitive landscape. Then we utilize your core competencies to create a strategy to fill those needs. Finally, our research and predictive modeling lay out the steps to success.

Our experience in strategic growth and the industry combine to help companies navigate other growth obstacles as well. We provide expert guidance in areas such as compliance, acquisitions, change management, sales training, and many others. Cicero Group wields a deep understanding of the automotive industry and the trends and challenges our clients face.

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