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Consumers’ media and entertainment habits are shifting as technology offers an exponentially-expanding array of choices. Multinational media conglomerates and local arts organizations alike need deep consumer insights to build sustainable audiences.

Building Sustainable Audiences

AME organizations of all sizes face the stiff challenge of building an audience of sufficient size and loyalty. Pressure comes from aggressive competition, ongoing changes to the devices and other channels through which individuals consume content, and an overall shift away from subscription services in favor of a la carte entertainment offerings. In light of these challenges, AME organizations need sophisticated analytics to help them attract, grow, and retain audience members for the long haul. Cicero applies our deep expertise in customer analytics to AME organizations of all sizes.

Donor and Fundraising Planning

For some AME organizations, building a sustainable audience is necessary, but will never be sufficient to cover the cost of operations. The organizations need to think about not only their audience members, but the philanthropic community that makes their offering possible for the rest of the public. We tailor our traditional customer targeting methodologies to the donor community, which requires specialized approaches given the high net worth and/or institutional structure of its members.

Innovation Strategy

Growing audiences always requires innovations – whether the changes are revolutionary or merely evolutionary. On one hand, a novel approach may fall flat with the intended audience and send the team back to the drawing board. On the other, a highly successful innovation may overtake or overrun existing offerings, in which case it brings the risk of alienating historical audience members and key donor constituencies (be they philanthropic individuals or larger organizations). Cicero partners with AME organizations to identify innovations most likely to strike the right balance and grow loyalty with existing audiences and donors, while opening the door to new audiences.

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