Airlines and aerospace manufacturers face constant pressure in a highly-competitive and volatile market. Whether an organization’s challenges stem from changing government regulations, fickle customer preferences, or financial market fluctuations, Cicero can help.


With costs creeping higher and higher, helping companies stay profitable is always at the forefront of our mind. Companies are also seeing the effects of a globalized world and increased competition. The Cicero Group utilizes market research methodologies to determine where companies should look for expansion in order to maximize profits. We also rely on heavy data analytics to determine optimization for processes to reduce costs.

The Cicero Group employs a team that has a profound working knowledge in strategy that gives our clients fresh and reliable direction. We understand the obstacles that companies face with mounting competition and regulations.

Passenger Experience

The Cicero group also uses qualitative and quantitative data to guide the decision in impacting the passenger experience. Customers are constantly looking for more value but at a cheaper rate. We understand the nuances of attracting and retaining loyal customers and that comes from improving the passenger experience.
Our processes that elevate our clients are inductive by nature. We develop and test critical assumptions, model anticipated scenarios, ultimately yielding clarity, consensus, and confidence to boost the customer experience. Our processes lead to the best outcomes possible for our clients to provide a positive experience.

Sustainable Future

No one can predict the future with 100% accuracy, however one thing we know for sure is that there is a need to create a sustainable future. New technology is a driving force that is leading to many of the changes. We help companies balance technology and the environment for the future.

Not only is creating a sustainable environment necessary for the future but the companies themselves must be sustainable. Our depth of experience and knowledge with the industry guide our recommendations on strategy that produce lasting and sustained growth. Companies must be able to face future obstacles with a clear vision and purpose. The Cicero Group fills in the gaps and the needs that otherwise could not be met.

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  • How can we help?

    To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.
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