Our team boasts rich experience across numerous industries. Staffing for every client engagement is tailored to ensure the proper balance of industry and methodological expertise to produce unique insights and impactful solutions.


Airlines and aerospace manufacturers face constant pressure in a highly-competitive and volatile market. Whether an organization’s challenges stem from changing government regulations, fickle customer preferences, or financial market fluctuations, Cicero can help.


The automotive industry is subject to major technological and regulatory upheaval. Within this high stakes and high competition industry, companies must adapt to changing consumer preferences and operate at peak performance to survive and thrive.

Consumer Products

Cicero works with CPG companies to drive innovative yet pragmatic solutions. We understand that growth is always at the forefront of leaders’ minds, so we make our clients’ growth our top priority as well.


Problems with our current educational model stemming from lack of funding, poor student preparation, and lack of pedagogical innovation are driving calls for reform. Educational thought-leaders at Cicero are well-positioned to effectively drive positive change.

Financial Services

Financial services firms need disruptive strategies targeting profitable, brand-loyal customers. Consumers are demanding increased transparency and regulatory pressures are multiplying. Cicero leverages analytics and years of FSI experience to help market leaders stand out.


Manufacturers must adapt to advancing technology and ongoing globalization while striving to deliver high quality products at the lowest cost possible. We partner with clients to create practical solutions to help manufacturers stay ahead of the curve.

Private Equity

Private Equity has rebounded from the financial crisis and public acceptance is on the rise, but challenges remain. Our team knows PE by firsthand experience and is poised to partner with firms of all sizes.


Online and brick-and-mortar retailers alike are engaged in a no holds barred war for consumer mind- and wallet-share. Margin pressure has never been higher. We offer analytically-driven solutions to retailers’ critical challenges.


By definition, technology companies must continuously reinvent themselves. As well-funded startups and aggressive competitors squeeze margins and market share, tech companies large and small rely on Cicero to help chart a course forward.

Arts, Media, & Entertainment

Consumers’ media and entertainment habits are shifting as technology offers an exponentially-expanding array of choices. Multinational media conglomerates and local arts organizations alike need deep consumer insights to build sustainable audiences.


Global growth and increased competition are forcing chemical industry players to maneuver in unexpected ways. Cicero utilizes a vast and deep array of analytical and strategic capabilities to ensure the success of our clients.

Consumer Services

Innovations in technology have created new channels for consumers to interact with service providers. Cicero’s sophisticated analytics help consumer services companies use resources more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction, and connect with new customers.


The energy industry is synonymous with volatility, with price fluctuations, constraints on traditional resources, and the maturation of alternative sources. Our deep sector knowledge and analytical approach offer companies the insights they need in today’s environment.


Healthcare is ever-changing due to new regulations, technological developments, and consumers’ constant demand for better care at less cost. Cicero’s healthcare solutions draw on experience with insurers, provider networks, device manufacturers, and government entities.

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Every foray into product development is a high stakes endeavor. We apply our data-driven approach to all aspects of the pharmaceutical process – from R&D to market assessment to launch strategy to post-launch analysis.

Public Sector

Public entities are constantly seeking ways to improve the well-being of their citizens. Cicero works with government and community leaders to tackle the most pressing issues and formulate solutions tailored to the needs of all stakeholders.

Social Sector

We are privileged to serve a wide variety social sector organizations nationally and globally.  From building leadership development courses with former Presidents of the United States to assisting NGOs in fighting poverty in the developing world, we assist our clients in solving society’s most complex challenges.


Telecom’s influence continues to expand, a trend set to accelerate as the Internet of Things (IoT) goes mainstream. Our clients appreciate the way Cicero insights help them adapt to the evolving landscape.

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