Who We Are

We know that if our clients do not succeed then neither have we.

Our Team

At Cicero Group, our team brings a combination of experience, passion, and ethics. Our team members have a depth of experience from top-tier strategy consulting and corporate firms, educational institutions, and government and not-for-profit entities.  This experience helps us deliver cutting edge methodologies and perspectives to every project. We bring credentials from top-tier institutions, and experience in a variety of industries to inform our client solutions.  Most of us speak multiple languages and we have collectively lived and worked across six continents.  Our team includes current and former c-level executives, board members, business professors, economists, lawyers, diplomats, and data scientists. Our teams are passionate about the work they do and the results they drive. We work hard to delight clients and continually improve every aspect of our approach.  Our culture is one of over delivering on expectations and our clients routinely praise us for our responsiveness, our speed, and our ability to deliver valuable insights. At the end of the day, not only are our teams experienced and passionate, but they are ethical, down-to-earth, and friendly. We look to hire the best “all-around” people, and our clients frequently tell us that they love working with Cicero.  We are great at what we do: delivering insights that drive long-term, profitable growth for our clients.

Cicero Way

The Cicero Way is our internal compass that guides our approach to work and solving client challenges.  Each of the four main areas of The Cicero Way contribute to a culture of client dedication and a pursuit of personal and professional perfection. The four areas we regularly evaluate ourselves on are impact, efficiency, responsibility, and contribution.  Collectively, these areas cover every aspect of what we do here at Cicero, and we believe it’s the driving force behind our success.  It is why our clients tell us we achieve results more rapidly, efficiently, and easily than our competitors.  It is also the crux of how and why our solutions provide significant impact.

We value the fact that our clients trust us with their most pressing, difficult, and important challenges.  We take our role as thought partner seriously and we strive to own the client challenges given to us.  We know that if our clients do not succeed then neither have we.  We start by aligning our success with our clients’ needs to ensure we focus on delivering lasting impact.

How Can We Help You?

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