We integrate inductive problem solving with insightful data analytics, implementing strategies that transform clients’ businesses. We focus on meaningful results… period.

Our roots are in data, and we use carefully crafted methodological designs to ensure our solutions are driven by accurate and insightful information and data sources. We maintain our own data gathering capabilities in-house to ensure we have a clear picture of the information that will drive our solutions. We believe no strategic decision can be made without the right context and perspective, without the right data to inform the decision.


Our process is fundamentally different.  We start by getting the best ideas on the table — all of them, not just one person’s pet project.  Then we work with the team to develop and test critical assumptions and model anticipated scenarios, ultimately yielding clarity, consensus, and confidence around the expected profitability, ease of implementation, and overall viability of each idea.

The initiatives that emerge might surprise those more accustomed to a traditional, deductive strategy approach that frequently starts with the “right” answer as a foregone conclusion, and then tries to justify it.  Our clients tell us that our broad-based, open-minded approach generates new ideas, breaks down ideological barriers, and builds perspective that enhances current and future strategic initiatives.



Our roots are in data, and so is your future.  Not only do we pride ourselves on the sophistication and accuracy of our data collection and analysis, we also have a track record of increasing our clients’ ability to navigate the flood of internal and external data engulfing their organizations today.  We help clients understand how to gather, interpret, and leverage data to make their organizations smarter, nimbler, and more successful in today’s data-driven world.

Facility in understanding and interpreting data will be the key enabler of successful strategy development over the next 20 years — and we have the experience and capacity to help organizations meaningfully harness this emerging imperative.



Our approach helps clients identify new initiatives with the highest expected ROI and subsequently coalesce buy-in and capacity to execute.  We’re not interested in handing our clients a glossy report with smart, but ultimately unrealizable ideas — our goal is to help organizations identify and implement real changes that drive long-term impact.

When our engagement ends, we know our clients are smarter and stronger thanks to their collaboration with us.  In addition, we seek to build long-term thought partner relationships and we take pride in knowing that our clients can count on us to provide vision and continued insight and support.



Our home base in Salt Lake City provides us with unique access to world class analytical talent, deep international experience, and expansive foreign language capabilities at a reasonable cost, and our clients see the difference in their bottom line.  We’re not just better; we’re a much better value.

We approach every project from a cost-conscious perspective and efficiency is a fundamental principle in all that we do.  Our clients tell us that we are able to accomplish more, much more, than other firms for a similar cost.

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  • How can we help?

    To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.
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