Cicero, Navigating Results


Strategy Consulting

Success today requires a customer-centric focus, an expansive view of opportunity, and a dynamic perspective on the future market environment.

We help clients capitalize on big opportunities every day. Our industry knowledge and deep analytical capabilities allow us to look at challenges from every angle and create solutions that avoid unnecessary risk.

Even better, we help our clients keep implementation in mind from the outset as we help them design solutions.

Translating innovative strategies into sustainable performance improvement requires perspective and perseverance. As leaders in strategy and transformation consulting, Cicero brings valuable guidance every step of the way, from strategy development through execution.

Diagram of Market Strategy

Strategy Consulting Strengths

  • Road-mapping to assist rapidly growing companies to maximize potential
  • Identifying and analyzing new markets
  • Re-evaluating mature markets and better aligning our clients' product offerings and core competencies
  • Conducting attitudinal studies to determine what customers want prior to or during product development cycles
  • Determining the best approach for growth whether via organic methods or acquisition
  • Advice on commercialization and product development
  • Assistance entering foreign markets and navigating governmental requirements
  • Performing rigorous financial analysis to determine economic value-add of a proposed strategy in comparison to alternatives
  • Segmenting customers into manageable target markets
  • Creating tools to reveal potential market-share implications of introducing or improving products and strategies and determining optimal pricing