Our leadership team is merely part of the extraordinary 300+ Cicero Group team. Our skillsets are broad and our experience is deep, allowing us to bring a breadth and depth of capabilities to all of our client engagements.


Dr. Trent E. Kaufman

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Trent E. Kaufman Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Kaufman is a Co-Founder of Cicero Group and founder of Education Direction, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cicero Group. Dr. Kaufman has written two books (Harvard Education Press, Wiley Jossey-Bass) that are used by thousands of organizations worldwide to better leverage data in strategy creation and execution.

Career Highlights:
  • Founder, Education Direction
  • Former Senior Associate, Education Resource Strategies
  • Former Principal, Alameda County High, Middle, and Elementary Schools
  • Harvard University, PhD, Research Fellow; UC Berkeley, MS

Randy W. Shumway

Chairman, Partner
Randy W. Shumway Chairman, Partner

Randy is the Founder of Cicero Group. He serves as Economic Advisor to Zions Bank and is an adjunct professor at the University of Utah School of Business. Randy previously worked for Answerthink and Bain and Company. Randy serves on multiple corporate and volunteer boards of directors. He is a well-published author.

Connect with Randy:
Career Highlights:
  • Former Executive Vice President and Managing Partner, Answerthink
  • Former Associate, Bain & Company
  • Harvard Business School, MBA, highest academic honors

Dr. Keith Allred

Dr. Keith Allred Partner

Dr. Allred leads Cicero clients in tackling significant organizational challenges - from post-merger integrations to leadership and change management. As a former Professor at both Harvard and Columbia University, he taught leadership, conflict resolution, and negotiation. He is the former COO of Healthcare Quality Catalyst. He founded and served as Director of The Common Interest. Dr. Allred holds a PhD in Social Psychology and Organizational Behavior from UCLA.

Career Highlights:
  • Founder and Director, The Common Interest
  • Former COO, Healthcare Quality Catalyst
  • Former Associate Professor, Harvard University
  • Former Assistant Professor, Columbia University
  • UCLA, PhD

James Shirey

James Shirey Partner

James is the Strategy Practice Leader with Cicero Group. Prior to joining Cicero Group, he co-founded and served as CFO of the successful energy startup, Innovari, Inc. He also served for five years as Director of Corporate Initiatives Group at General Electric Corporation’s global headquarters working with all major business units to improve performance and efficiency. Prior to joining General Electric, James led numerous strategy and operations engagements for Fortune 100 companies as a Senior Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company. Other prior experience includes roles at AT&T and Citibank.

Career Highlights:
  • Former Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder, Innovari, Inc.
  • Former Director, General Electric Corporation
  • Former Senior Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company
  • University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, MBA

Marshall Toplansky

Senior Advisor
Marshall Toplansky Senior Advisor

Marshall N. Toplansky is a widely published and award-winning marketing professional and successful entrepreneur. He is an adjunct professor at the Chapman University Argyros School of Business and Economics, and serves as the Chair of Cicero Institute, Cicero's research and thought leadership arm. Marshall serves on multiple corporate and volunteer boards of directors.

Career Highlights:
  • Chapman University
  • KPMG, Managing Director
  • Forrner Sr. VP Ogilvy & Mather
  • Former VP Marketing strategy and insights, Gateway.
  • Former VP of Marketing, US Robotics
  • Harvard University, MBA

Lawrence T. Cowan

Lawrence T. Cowan Partner

Lawrence has spent the last decade helping to build the Cicero Group's analytics practice. He has experience helping Fortune 500 firms solve real business challenges with data, including attrition, segmentation, sales prioritization, pricing, and customer satisfaction. He also leads the firm in predictive analytics and Big Data related engagements.

Career Highlights:
  • Former Lead Business Consultant at Morris Murdock
  • Former Senior Research Analyst at Bassett
  • Northwestern University, MS; Westminster College, MBA; Brigham Young University, BA
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Dr. Dan Jones

Dr. Dan Jones Partner

Dr. Jones plays a leading role at Cicero Group as former CEO and Co-Founder of Dan Jones and Associates. Dr. Jones has had a distinguished and prominent career as a pollster in Utah politics for more than 50 years. He continues to leverage his expertise to assist clients across a number of industries. He received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Utah and is a former Professor and Associate Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics.

Career Highlights:
  • Co-Founder and Former CEO, Dan Jones and Associates
  • Former Associate Director, Hinckley Institute of Politics
  • Former Professor, University of Utah
  • University of Utah, PhD

Patricia Jones

Senior Advisor
Patricia Jones Senior Advisor

Patricia serves an important role as Senior Advisor to Cicero clients as former President and Co-Founder of Dan Jones and Associates. She is currently the CEO of the Women’s Leadership Institute and serves on the Board of Regents for the Utah System of Higher Education as well as on the board of directors for a number of Utah non-profit organizations and businesses. She served in the Utah Legislature for 14 years and was the first female leader in both the Utah House of Representatives and the Utah Senate.

Career Highlights:
  • Co-Founder and Former President, Dan Jones and Associates
  • CEO, Women’s Leadership Institute
  • Former State Legislator, Utah State Senate and House of Representatives
  • University of Utah, BS

Aaron R. Andersen

Aaron R. Andersen Partner

Aaron leads an expansive array of large-scale engagements for Cicero clients across a range of industries and sectors, including higher education, healthcare, retail, and technology. Aaron has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on organizational design and effectiveness, resource strategy, and leadership.

Career Highlights:
  • Former Lead Organizational Consultant and Principal Policy Analyst, University of California, Berkeley
  • Former Associate Director and Program Chair, Utah State University
  • Harvard University, MEd; Cornell University, MPA

Jacob Allen

Jacob Allen Partner

Jacob has worked with mission-driven organizations for over fifteen years and in a dozen countries around the world. He has led the strategic design, implementation, and measurement of social impact programs run by Presidents Bush and Clinton, Goldman Sachs, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Nature Conservancy, and many others. He serves on the board of directors for Mary’s Meals, which feeds a daily meal in school to one million children living in desperate poverty.

Connect with Jacob:
Career Highlights:
  • Former Manager, The Bridgespan Group
  • Former Project Lead, NP Strategies
  • University of California San Diego, PhD; Stanford University, MA

Senior Leadership Team

Dr. Hollie Pettersson

Dr. Hollie Pettersson Principal

Dr. Pettersson has over 22 years of experience in public education. She has developed and implemented comprehensive curriculum and other instructional programs. She is a frequent author of articles on student achievement, educational improvement, and social impact. Dr. Pettersson’s doctoral dissertation focus was on systematic change in Utah schools. She holds master degrees in Educational Leadership and Policy and Special Education.

Connect with Hollie:
Career Highlights:
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Utah
  • Former School District Curriculum Director, Administrator, Psychologist and Teacher
  • University of Utah, School of Psychology, PhD, MA, MS, APA accredited
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Melissa Grant

Melissa Grant Principal

Melissa leads projects for Cicero clients across multiple industries and services with particular focus in healthcare and corporate development. Prior to joining Cicero Group, Melissa spent sixteen years in the financial services industry in New York City in roles for UBS and Deloitte Financial Advisory Services. As a former Senior Manager at Deloitte, she worked with the firm’s U.S. and global leadership assessing firm-wide mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, and operations.

Career Highlights:
  • Former Senior Manager, Deloitte
  • Former Equity Analyst, UBS
  • University of Rochester, William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, MBA; Brigham Young University, BS
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Chad J. Berbert

Chad J. Berbert Principal

Chad has expertise in serving the needs of international, public sector, technology, and healthcare clients of Cicero Group. He previously served as a U.S. Diplomat, working on trade, security, and economic development initiatives. He is a Lauder Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy.

Connect with Chad:
Career Highlights:
  • Former U.S. Chargé d’Affaires (Acting Ambassador), Samoa
  • Former Special Assistant to U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
  • University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, MBA, honors; University of Pennsylvania, MA, Lauder Fellow; Stanford University, BA
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Allison E. Miller

Allison E. Miller Principal

At Cicero Group, Allison works directly with education leaders to improve teaching and learning at scale. Allison has experience in K-12 public education as a Teacher, Reading Specialist, and Program Director. This experience gives her a unique perspective when working with schools and districts across the country. Allison chaired Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Language and Literacy student organization and serves as a member of the Read Today Advisory Board.

Connect with Allison:
Career Highlights:
  • Former Teacher and Reading Specialist
  • Former Curriculum Writer and Program Director
  • Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, MEd

Carrie J. Miller

Carrie J. Miller Principal

At Cicero Group, Carrie is focused on driving improvements to student outcomes, particularly for highly-impacted populations, by coupling her ten years of classroom and five years of administrative experience. As a former Dean of Students, she has experience growing enrollment and has successfully designed and implemented K-12 character education programs as a Fellow.

Career Highlights:
  • Fellow at National Association of Independent Schools
  • Former Dean of Students and Admission Director
  • Former Teacher, St. Vrain Valley School District, Colorado
  • Pacific University, MEd; University of Puget Sound, BA; University of Burgundy, BA

Jason Richards

Jason Richards Principal

Jason provides a wealth of knowledge in developing sales and business development strategies for Cicero Groups largest clients. His expertise also includes process improvement, supply chain management, customer analytics and lifecycle management, risk management among others. Prior to joining Cicero Group, Jason served as the Director of Business Development at Steelcase and then sPower as well as the Vice President of Pacific Pure Energy Capital.

Connect with Jason:
Career Highlights:
  • Former Vice President, Pacific Pure Energy Capital
  • Former Director of Business Development and Operations, sPower
  • Former Director of Business Development, Steelcase
  • University of Utah, MBA