Problems with our current educational model stemming from lack of funding, poor student preparation, and lack of pedagogical innovation are driving calls for reform. Educational thought-leaders at Cicero are well-positioned to effectively drive positive change.

Higher Education

Cicero’s unique capacities and expertise drive measurable results across the spectrum of functions in higher education. Cicero has helped institutions and systems of higher education achieve meaningful, quantifiable successes in many different settings and ways:

  • Awareness: Marketing Mix and Channel Strategy, Messaging Strategy, Image Assessment
  • Verification Services: Inbound, Outbound, Verification, Retention, Due Diligence, Donor Solicitation
  • Acquisition & Conversion: Predictive Lead Targeting, Prospect Segmentation, Preference Modeling
  • Enrollment Management: Process Mapping, Streamlining and Optimization, Conversion and Transition Strategy
  • Strategic Growth: Program Development, Market Sizing and Assessment, Economic Impact Analysis
  • Operations: Process Optimization, Policy Standardization, Training, Implementation, Analytics
  • Retention & Graduation: Predictive Modeling and Typing, Resource Allocation, Program Evaluation
  • Career & Alumni: Education Workforce Alignment, Placement Assessment, Alumni Engagement


Leaders in the U.S. are concerned with the current education model and its trajectory. Problems stemming from the lack of funding, poor student preparation, and lack of innovation in pedagogy are pushing leaders to invest in reform. The Cicero Group education teams understand the space’s problems and how to solve them. Their education expertise, coupled with complementary industry experience, allows Cicero to approach each education problem with seasoned perspective to effectively drive positive change.


Although the U.S. is distributing increasingly more funding into public education programs, educational outcomes are still struggling to improve. Coupled with failing programs, children in low- to medium-income areas are fighting to meet their physical needs such as having sufficient clothing, food, and shelter. With competing needs and limited resources, the situation is difficult to solve. Cicero understands that the appropriate allocation of funds is necessary for education programs to be successful. Districts, schools, and students depend on having the resources to function and Cicero Group understands how to strategically allocate and manage resources to meet every need.

Academic Performance

Student preparedness especially among lower income students is poor. This is causing retention rates and special education enrollment to grow, spurring increases in child delinquency and greater risks of criminal activity. Cicero Group understands the long-term effects of poor school preparedness and are committed to effectively advising leaders to help our students stay on track.


Students and teachers need more powerful tools to win in today’s world. Due to the unprecedented need, new tools and methods are being invented to adapt to each student’s learning style and empower teachers to be more effective. Cicero is on the forefront of these developments and knows how and when to implement these tools to achieve maximum impact and effect for our students and teachers.

Cicero Group has a dedicated division to the education space. If you would like to learn more, please visit the Education Direction homepage.

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