Case Study: Multinational Distribution Company

May 25, 2017| Cicero Institute
Overview In Fall of 2016, Cicero conducted an extensive strategy project for a multinational distribution company specializing in animal health…
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Cracking the Code of Effective Transformation

May 2, 2017| Chad Berbert and Jason Richards
Consensus among organizational researchers is that roughly 70 percent of all change initiatives fail. Imagine investing significant funds, time and…
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Interview with Cicero Group’s Kjersten Adams

May 25, 2017| Michelle Call
Kjersten Adams is an Associate at Cicero Group. She has been with Cicero since August 2012 and will be leaving…
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Cicero Group is a premier data-driven strategy consulting firm. We transform the performance of client organizations by informing, creating, and implementing data-driven strategies.

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